Apricus Energizing Protein Smoothie Bowl

If you have Celiac Disease or another Autoimmune Disorder you may find yourself with super low energy some days or you may have been diagnosed with an iron or B12 deficiency. Without getting too scientific - there’s a direct relation to poor iron and B12 absorption and Autoimmune Disorders. I don’t know about you, but taking iron supplements is one of my least favourite things to do… it’s really difficult to find one that cooperates with my body (go look up side effects of iron supplements - that is all) and they rarely make a difference. Proper absorption also requires simultaneous vitamin C consumption. Sound exhausting yet? All this considered – I decided to develop a fun way to deliv

Protein Oat Cookies

When it comes to a tiny treat for our little ones it’s important for the food to be full of nutrients for their growing bodies and minds. I haven’t been too impressed with the options for toddlers when I walk around the local grocery stores. One of my favourites has been the FreeYumm brand cookies because they are soft and lower in sugars and preservatives. But I wanted to create something with more of the good omegas, proteins and fibres. I used mini cookie cutters to cut these into fun shapes but you can just roll them into little balls and flatten with a spoon or the bottom of a measuring cup to shape them into flat cookies. You can make larger cookies too! This recipe isn’t just for

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