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Apricus Energizing Protein Smoothie Bowl

If you have Celiac Disease or another Autoimmune Disorder you may find yourself with super low energy some days or you may have been diagnosed with an iron or B12 deficiency. Without getting too scientific - there’s a direct relation to poor iron and B12 absorption and Autoimmune Disorders. I don’t know about you, but taking iron supplements is one of my least favourite things to do… it’s really difficult to find one that cooperates with my body (go look up side effects of iron supplements - that is all) and they rarely make a difference.

Proper absorption also requires simultaneous vitamin C consumption. Sound exhausting yet? All this considered – I decided to develop a fun way to deliver iron, vitamin c, B12, and many more nutrients to my body. The best part is that this is super easy to make and I always feel full and energized after.

Nutrient Rich Ingredients in this smoothie – basically every ingredient has a purpose:

  • Medjool Dates – protein, high in iron, helps aid digestion, rich in vitamins & antioxidants, heart healthy and much more

  • Spinach, Kale, Mango & Banana – these are the essential ingredients for your iron, vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrient delivery

  • Chia & Hemp – I’m obsessed with these, they have so many health benefits from omegas to protein to minerals.

  • Nut/Seed Butter – Extra omegas, proteins, healthy fats (great for your skin and hair)

  • Nut/Oat Milk – Essential for the fortified B12 component. I use Earth’s Own because they fortify their non-dairy milks.

  • Oats – loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, lowers blood sugar, aids digestion

I also did a little mommy & me smoothie bowl lunch which made it extra fun. If you are making one bowl for your little one be sure to substitute the chopped almond topping for a nut/seed butter.


Energizing Protein Smoothie Bowl


2 Servings


1 Banana

¼ C GF Rolled Oats

1 TBSP Chia Seeds

1 TBSP Hemp Hearts

6 Medjool Dates (pitted and cut in half)

½ C Frozen Spinach

½ C Frozen Kale

½ C Frozen Mango Chunks

1 TBSP Nut or Seed Butter of Choice

½ - ¾ C Almond or Coconut or Oat Milk (see note)


¼ C Fine Shredded Coconut (see note)

3 Strawberries, sliced

¼ C Blueberries

¼ C Almonds, roughly chopped

  1. Add the smoothie ingredients (in order) to your blender. Start with a ½ cup of the non-dairy milk and gradually add more as you need it. You want your smoothie to be a little on the thicker side but if you don’t have a high-powered blender you may need more liquid.

  2. Pour out into 2 bowls and place the topping ingredients around the bowl. Enjoy.


Shredded Coconut - I like to quickly whizz my shredded coconut in the blender before I start so that it's really fine. It's a better texture when topped on the smoothie.

Non-Dairy Milk - Be sure to check the label for a fortified milk.

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